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Database management software tools

Simplify complexity and drive performance

A database management system (DBMS) is computer software that enables users and applications to store, modify and analyze a database. Today’s database technology is becoming increasingly complex, and supports previously unthinkable data volumes – all driven by the demands of today’s always-on economy. This drives most organizations to spend up to 75% of their time just keeping the lights on, leaving very little time to deliver innovations that move the business forward.

It’s time for a new approach. Spend less time managing your data environment, and more time building a data-driven business. As the top-ranked ISV for database management software tools in the world, Quest helps you simplify this complex technology and ensure optimal database performance across a wide variety of both on-premises and cloud-based systems. Trust the database management software solutions used by more than four million data professionals worldwide to give you more time.


Database Development

Get the power to respond rapidly to change. Quest's database development solutions enable you to implement consistent, repeatable processes to keep pace and become more agile. Set your team up for success as you blaze through development cycles, and minimize the risks associated with bugs, performance issues, coding standards, dispersed teams and more.

Database Administration

Get ahead of the curve. Resolve problems before they impact your environment, and streamline daily redundant database administration tasks, so you can focus on more meaningful endeavors. From administration to maintenance, performance monitoring, data protection, automation and collaboration, our solutions lead the way for today’s highly effective database administrator.

Data Preparation and Analysis

Ensure your analyst teams receive accurate, high-quality data quickly – regardless of the data source. Our data preparation solutions offer up to a 50% time savings in data preparation tasks with secure, governed workflows. Provide data to your analysts in real time, every time with desktop-based, self-service solutions. Enjoy a closer-to-business collaboration experience.

Database Performance Monitoring

Consolidate and standardize database performance monitoring across diverse, multi-platform environments, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and others - even when using native or third-party tools. View a complete picture of your environment so you can collaborate among teams to find and fix performance issues before they put your database at risk. Get valuable insight into all areas around database resources, workload analytics and change tracking.

Database Replication

Drive greater data availability through industry-leading database replication. Our solutions help you replicate data to where you need it most - whether it’s replicating a production database for high availability or integrating data to other databases. Count on high reliability with ZeroIMPACT to your systems.


Speed up deployment by giving your database developers the same DevOps and agile advantages that your application developers have. Our tools are designed to help Oracle and MySQL database developers overcome the biggest bottlenecks to writing, testing and releasing database changes at the pace today’s businesses demand. Automate database code testing, analysis and validation from within your existing continuous integration and continuous delivery tools.

Cloud Migration

Relax and become one with the cloud. Simplify your journey to the cloud with a cost-effective database replication and migration solution. Near-real time replication that does not interrupt end-user productivity lets you achieve high availability and business continuity. Your data is continuously replicated from one database server to another, with no scheduling required - no stress, no downtime.