KACE Endpoint Systems Management

KACE Endpoint Systems Management

Fast and automated OS provisioning

In today’s complex, multi-platform IT environment, manual disk imaging and image deployment processes fall far short. You simply cannot afford to waste valuable IT staff time struggling with one-off systems imaging, or risk employee productivity and effciency by failing to provide timely operating system imaging, software and proper drivers.

The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance offers a fast, automated way to execute large-scale system deployment across multiple remote sites, saving time and money with your endpoint systems management. This hardware-agnostic solution streamlines initial provisioning and ongoing administration of master system images and driver updates across diverse hardware platforms - reducing operational costs while ensuring that connected systems remain up to date and secure. Plus, it restores any user settings and files so users can immediately be productive with their newly imaged systems.

Active Directory Reporting

Unlike other solutions, KACE was purpose-built for growing mid-market organizations, so it does not need expensive professional services, dedicated hardware or heavily trained staff to function effectively. In fact, its integrated architecture enables most organizations to realize complete system implementation in less than two weeks.

Once in place, your KACE appliance will quickly deliver value. Its automation capabilities reduce complexity, improve accuracy and reliability, and free your IT staff to focus on other high-priority projects. For example, you can remotely deploy an OS to hundreds of machines at a time, and easily perform pre- and post-installation tasks such as formatting drives, applying computer names and distributing applications.

“The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance allowed us to create standard images for our desktop and laptop models. And it has been tremendously easy for us to deploy those images, so now we have a standard platform across the district.”
Tom Condo, Supervisor of IS Operations
Seminole County Public Schools


Centralized administration - Enables easy, centralized systems deployment and recovery via an integrated webbased console.

Centralized deployment library - Stores deployment assets in one easy-tomanage, secure location.

Hardware-independent imaging - Provides industry-standard native imaging that streamlines master image capture and management, and reduces storage costs for your growing portfolio of hardware and operating systems.

Windows driver management - Automatically downloads the latest drivers by computer model and provides a driver harvesting tool to make working with drivers easy.

Customizable pre- and post-deployment configuration - Automates all deployment tasks, such as configuring RAID and BIOS, installing applications and deploying your own scripts.

Network boot architecture - Enables provisioning of deployment assets over the network, even for bare-metal machines.

Windows network OS install - Enables hardware-independent provisioning of any system.

Multi-casting - Sends the same bits of deployment data simultaneously to multiple devices, greatly increasing the speed of large-scale software deployment while reducing network bandwidth consumption.

Task engine - Controls the order of deployment tasks, handles reboots seamlessly and ensures that the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance is updated in real time, enabling true lightsoffdeployment.

“The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance enabled us to image and deploy all 155 laptops in just one day, saving 80 hours of overtime, or the equivalent of $20,000, in one hit.”
Jason Thomas
CIO and IT Director, Green Clinic


Saves you time with automated gold master imaging and deployment

Enables fast mass systems deployments to remote sites from any location

Helps keep connected systems up to date and secure with automated software distribution

Improves IT efficiency by imaging multiple machines simultaneously

Reduces costs and complexity by automatically detecting and synchronizing with all available clients, without the need to install local software on each

Does not need expensive professional services, dedicated hardware or heavily trained staff to function effectively

OS Requirements


  • - Windows 10
  • - Windows 8 and 8.1 Professional
  • - Enterprise Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate
  • - Windows XP SP3 Professional, Tablet PC, Media Center
  • - Windows Server® 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 Foundation, Essentials, Standard *, Datacenter *
  • - Windows Server 2008 Web Edition, Standard, HPC Edition
  • - Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, HPC
  • - PXE-enabled NIC
  • - X86 system architecture
  • - Windows 64-bit support


  • - Mac OS X® 10.7 (Intel only) - 10.11
  • - MacOS Sierra - 10.12

*Cannot be running in Server Core mode.

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