Enterprise-class data protection for diverse IT environments

The success of your business depends on your ability to protect, access and leverage your mission-critical data on a daily basis - and to restore it quickly in the event of an unexpected outage. Yet many enterprises use data protection software that sacrifices functionality for simplicity, or scalability for versatility.

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Enterprise-Class Data Protection

With Quest NetVault Backup, highgrowth organizations can benefit from enterprise-class, cross-platform data protection that's easy to use right out of the box and that scales easily to accommodate data growth.

With this software, you can protect a massive number of servers containing petabytes of data - from one web-based console. It supports multiple operating systems, applications, databases, processor architectures and storage devices. Such cross-platform versatility makes it easy for you to tailor NetVault Backup to match the ever-changing - and growing - landscape of your IT infrastructure.


Physical and virtual support - Protect both physical and virtual servers (VMware and Hyper-V) with a single solution and gain consistent, reliable, point-and-click backup and restore. By running the VMware plug-in on any available proxy, you can back up all virtual machines with a single unified view that scales to thousands of VMs.

Enterprise-wide control - Configure, manage and monitor your backup and recovery operations from a web-based user interface. Convenient wizards guide you through common tasks, such as creating backup jobs, assigning policies, configuring storage devices and generating reports. Intuitive workflows and effcient navigation allow you to complete many workflows without traveling across multiple screens. Most operations can now be performed from a single screen.

Powerful catalog search - Conduct fast and granular searches for files and objects for both backup and restore. Fast-search capabilities provide access to metadata (name, mod date, type, etc.) for items backed up with NetVault. Savesets with offine indexes can also be included in your search results.

Application protection - Ensure the protection and availability of all of your business-critical applications and data, including Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Domino, SAP, Sybase and Teradata. No scripting is required to run hot backup and recovery jobs.

Active Directory (AD) support - Log into NetVault using your AD single sign-on credentials. Role-based access control regulates what operations administrators can perform (per the AD privileges assigned). AD and LDAP enable "push install" capability for NetVault clients. This capability is a big plus in large environments with hundreds of clients that need upgrades or installs.

Application-aware storage array snapshots - Perform significantly faster and easier backups, with recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) for even the most demanding business needs.

Quest QoreStor integration - Get direct-to-storage backup with this software-defined storage and data deduplication solution with clientside deduplication and compression algorithms that enable significant performance improvements and greater storage effciency. NetVault Backup also supports the Quest DR Virtual Appliance and the EMC Data Domain backup and recovery platform, as well as its DD Boost technology for deduplication.

NAS protection - Get advanced data protection for information stored on NAS devices, including those made by Dell/ EMC, Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, NetApp and Oracle. Reduce traffc over your LAN and maximize performance by backing up over the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). NetVault Backup supports many different storage topologies and configurations.

Disk and tape backup - Support both disk and tape-based backup to a wide range of storage targets, including disk-based devices, tape libraries and third-party deduplication appliances. You’ll also have the power to move data from one storage target to another for disaster recovery purposes.

High-performance multistreaming - Save time and ease management by backing up multiple workloads, such as network drives, local drives and mount points, simultaneously. Break down large, single-volume jobs into multiple streams for increased performance.

Strong security - Meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing backup windows or deduplication performance with an encryption plug-in for CAST-128, AES-256 or CAST-256 algorithm support. Flexible job-level encryption lets you easily select which data to encrypt.

Simple, straightforward licensing - License by component or front-end storage capacity, giving you incredible flexibility. With component-based licensing, you pick and choose which modules you need. With capacity licensing, you get all NetVault components and can deploy an unlimited number of clients or application plug-ins to optimize your data protection environment.


  •   Lower total cost of ownership and simplified administration using a single solution to manage complex, hybrid data centers
  •   Significant storage cost savings with client-side deduplication and the ability to use lower cost storage
  •   More granular recovery points and faster recovery time through hardware snapshots for improved application availability
  •   Greater IT productivity with an intuitive, web-based management console
  •   Faster system recovery through bare-metal recovery
  •   Faster backup through highperformance multistreaming
  •   Improved security and control of system administration through AD-based roles and privileges

System Requirements


  • Server platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2016, Linux (RHEL 7.x, SLES 12 SP3) and other Windows and Linux platforms *
  • Client platforms: Windows (hybrid and pure 64-bit), most Linux platforms, Solaris (SPARC and x86/x86-64)
  • Application support: Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, DB2, Domino, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Teradata, SAP
  • Virtualization platforms: VMware and Hyper-V
  • Protected by U.S. Patents #7,814,260; 7,913,043; 7,979,650; 8,086,782; 8,145,864; 8,171,247; 8,255,654; 8,271,755; 8,311,985; 8,452,731. Protected by Japanese, E.U., French and U.K. patents 1615131 and 05250687.0, and German patent DE602004002858. Additional patents pending.

*Note: Systems requirements and supported platforms are updated regularly.

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